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December 20 – Advent for Families Day 20

The weeks before Christmas are a time to remember and prepare for the real reason we put all of this work and celebration into the Christmas holiday–it’s all about Jesus. This year’s Advent study is designed to do with your family. A daily scripture and observation are given along with an application that involves reading a story about a famous Bible event or character that matches up to the scripture. Families may choose to read the Bible story from a children’s picture Bible. Then, add a prayer, and you have a SOAP. This study is a great introduction to Bible study and the SOAP method! Our reading plan is based on Jess Wolstenholm’s “Advent Reading Plan + Bible Study for Families”, available at

Below today’s scripture is an example SOAP from our team. Feel free to share your SOAP in the comments too! Whether it’s your first time reading the Bible or you’ve been doing daily devotions for decades, God will use this One Thing to speak to you.


Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


God wants us to trust Him and believe He can do the impossible.


Read the story of Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-25, 57-80).


Trusting You | DOT Group @A2


Hebrews 11:1


God wants us to trust Him and believe He can do the impossible. Faith sees the invisible.


Read the story of Elizabeth.

As we sit in a hospital room with our dear friend today, this verse comes alive. We cannot see what is physically going on inside her, but faith gives us the confidence that God is doing a good work within her. Even though Zechariah showed doubt, he and Elizabeth knew God and knew that He could do what He said He would do. Like Zechariah and Elizabeth, we can trust God with the impossible.


In this rough season for our DOT Group @A2 of loss and cancer and sickness, we can trust You, God. Though we may not be able to see what You’re doing, we know You, and we know You’re working it all for good. In the power of Your Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus, Lord, we pray — heal Marianne, give strength to Kathy and health to her husband, and carry Suzie and her son through this next week and on.

The Discover One Thing main website has more resources on the SOAP method of Bible study. Click HERE to go to the website.