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April 22 – Who am I in Christ?

Our current study is on our identity in Christ (from Our study uses the SOAP method of Bible study to seek an application for each reading (not sure what this is? Check out the What’s SOAP? tab). We have provided an example SOAP note below today’s reading. Join in this study by completing the daily readings and journaling using SOAP and you are welcome to use the Comments section at the bottom of our homepage to share or ask questions.

I am holy and loved.


Colossians 3:12 – Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.


God Elected Us | Rebecca Hoyt


Colossians 3:12


The first part of verse 12 in my Bible says, “Therefore, as the elect of God,” – God unconditionally elects His people even though they are sinful, as an act of His saving grace. Apart from the shortcomings or will of man. Those chosen have done nothing to deserve this grace.


As Christians God elected us. In verse 12 Paul’s telling us how we should strive to act as Christians. We should show kindness, mercy, humility. I say this a lot to my kids, “if you can be anything in this world be kind.” The world seems to be getting crazier every day! More than ever we need to show people Gods kindness and love.


Dear Lord, please let us all lean on You in times when all is going well and in times of trouble and uncertainty. Let us never forget You chose us and love us and You are there fighting for us. Amen

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