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Welcome to the online Bible study side of Discover One Thing! God has awakened me to His Spirit acting within me, and it’s just through this One Thing–spending time with Him daily in His Word.  I’ve recently discovered that the journaling part of this is the key that unlocked my heart to Him.  I want to see Him awaken you too!

Just a few things that will maybe help you know where I’m coming from.  I was raised Catholic but first truly believed in Jesus after reading the Bible front to back, at the suggestion of my then-fiance, and then talking through accepting Christ as my Savior with a group of ladies.  I married that man.  He pointed me to Jesus; he’s a keeper!  We have a teenager who’s my step-son and two little ones, ages 7 and 4.  God has called me to stay at home with them right now, and I also work part-time as an Environmental Scientist from home.  I love all things outdoors and could probably live in a tree if it didn’t get so cold here in Nebraska.  I have seen God’s faithfulness first-hand time and time again in the last 15 years, since I first believed.  But I have grown more in God since I started reading and journaling than I ever grew in Him previously.

God calls us to a relationship with Him and fellowship with other believers.  Though this online thing is a little different kind of fellowship, I think it’s still possible for us to encourage one another daily, be real, hold one another accountable, and pray, pray, and pray some more for each other through media.  Please join us in reading daily and growing closer to God, and please put what God’s laying on your heart in the comments so we can chat!

dyea photo Dyea

Hi! Do you feel like a pinball and are all over the place, not quite sure if you’re coming or going or even where you’re heading? Do you just want even a little “peace” while dodging what life is constantly chucking at you? That One Thing **Jesus** and the relationship He desires to have with us and all that peace can be yours!!

I’m a busy mom of a 7-year old boy and, to my surprise, now my 15-year old niece who was given to me after praying for a girl. You would never know she isn’t mine biologically. I worked as a Police Officer for almost 7 years, and now I’m just waiting to see where God leads me next. I am also a Certified Nursing Assistant, but most importantly, I am a child of God.

Growing up, I attended church off and on, but attending Vacation Bible School every summer was the highlight of my summers. It had to end, though, once 6th grade graduation rolled around. I remember clearly what I was wearing, where I was sitting; it was in 1989 when I asked Jesus to come into my heart. Little did I know, once I had completed my summer VBS, the world had been waiting patiently to gain my attention. It succeeded, and I grew up how the world intended—independent and definitely independent from God. With so many adverse character tests that I asked God to give me (wink), by His timing and grace I finally found my way back to Him.

I live every day to see the world through His lenses, and He has shown me many amazing things. I invite you to come and take a peek through His lenses and grow with Him as I have.

RebeccaDOT Team

Hi! I, like a lot of people, struggled with having a real relationship with God, not knowing what a true relationship with Him was. I really found out what it is to truly know Jesus after I started journaling and reading the Bible each day.

About me…I grew up going to a Methodist church every Sunday. I was a candle lighter, in the youth choir and went to VBS each summer. In 4th grade I asked Jesus into my heart, and I was given my first Bible (but after a few weeks stopped reading it). In high school and college, I went to a couple of large evangelical churches where I met my husband. We’ve been married for 17 years. I was an infant teacher at a childcare for 10 years, now I am a stay-at-home mom to my two daughters ages 14 and 7.  I have been going to a women’s Bible study for about 7 years, where I first learned about journaling and the SOAP method and started reading my Bible some. But it wasn’t until I started reading my Bible daily and journaling this past year that I truly have grown in my relationship with God!


I have had quite the journey in my life to get to where I am today. My name is Jess, and I spent the earlier years in life as a floater. I didn’t really know I was floating, nor did I care, but I certainly wasn’t grounded in a purpose for my life. It wasn’t until I left a 7-year relationship that I started questioning my purpose and started paying attention to the “signs” that God was trying to get my attention with. Those “signs” were on every street corner and advertised the Purpose Driven Life book series. I did the unthinkable for me and called the number on the sign – I couldn’t explain the urge to call but felt that I HAD to. That book saved me and thus began my relationship with Jesus.

There have been many ups and downs since that day, many months away from God and His Word, but I know He’s orchestrated everything for a reason to grow me and ground me from being a floater. I got married to a man I didn’t love at first sight but I love more every day. I had 3 beautiful girls, when all my life I wanted only boys. I went on to work my way up in a job I loved but spent too much time focusing on away from my family. Life was comfortable and I honestly thought I would be at my job forever, but God wanted to teach me something new and started nudging me to quit and stay home to homeschool my girls. I was doing it for my kids, I told myself. It was about 7 months later that God very clearly spoke to me and said, “No, I’m doing this for you.” I had to GIVE UP my high-and-mighty attitude that I could handle educating my kids, managing a household, and keeping up with the world, and give it ALL over to Him.

Today, I have to rely on God daily to equip me, fill me, and encourage me to make it through each day – I can’t do it on my own!! I wear many hats, but I love all of them!  I work full-time as mom/accountant/educator but also spend my “free time” as the Early Childhood Director at Southridge Church, Secretary of the Board at a local non-profit organization, Independent Consultant with my previous employer, and server at Abraham’s Catering.

I’m so excited to be part of the Discover One Thing Team! God is up to some big things!


I not only grew up in the church, but in Christian schools too. I felt like I knew everything and was perfectly invincible against the evils of the world…until I moved out and spent some time in the real world! While I never lost sight of my relationship with God, there was a definite period in my adult life where it wasn’t my highest priority.

Thankfully, while He wasn’t necessarily a high priority for me, I was a high priority for Him. He threw people in my path to keep me on track and eventually bring me back to that place where I wanted Him to be my highest priority again. I’m still a work in progress, but I find that the more I listen, the more I understand. And the more I understand, the more I want from Him! This journaling has been an eye opening experience for me, in the most wonderful way possible!

I was raised Lutheran and am proud of that “heritage” but am attending a fantastic, tiny little non-denominational church now. I’m an AZ native and only lived in warm climate states for the first 3 decades of my life. I’ve been married to the love of my life for 10 years, and I really must love that guy because he practically moved me to the North Pole and got me to say I like it here! We have one kiddo, an 8 year old, and I homeschool her. It was never my plan to homeschool, but now that we’re doing it, we love it and I can’t imagine doing it any other way!

Writing has always been one of my passions and I am excited to be on this team and share some (hopefully good) words with everyone!


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