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November 16 – Praise and Gratitude Day 16

In November, we are spending 30 days in praise and gratitude of our Almighty God as we prepare ourselves for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. This reading plan comes from Sarah Ann at the Proverbs 31 Mentor blog (https://proverbs31mentor.com/).

You can join us in this study by reading today’s scripture below and journaling about it using SOAP (click on the “What’s SOAP?” link above to learn more). Below today’s scripture is an example SOAP from our team. Feel free to share your SOAP in the comments too! Whether it’s your first time reading the Bible or you’ve been doing daily devotions for decades, God will use this One Thing to speak to you.

I am thankful for salvation.


Romans 5:12 – Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned…
Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Proverbs 10:16 – The wages of the righteous is life, but the earnings of the wicked are sin and death.


Justice and the Gift | Kathy Page


Romans 6:23


Sin exacts a dreadful price – death.  We are all sinners, this is what we deserve.  This is not just a worldly death, but also an eternal one.  We earn these wages and the just recompense is death.  Yet, the opposite, eternal life, is NOT a wage we earn, but rather out of God’s incomprehensible love and infinite mercy, a gift—–something we do not have to pay to receive, but accept with grace and gratitude.  It is God’s precious gift to us, not due to any righteous things we have done, but out of God’s mercy.  He freely gives this gift to us.


God’s justice was satisfied when Jesus hung on the cross and descended into death.  By this sacrifice, both His grace and justice were born.  Due to our sin, there is no such thing as a wage of eternal life outside of Jesus.  For our sake He took our sins, our blame, our guilt.  He made Himself a curse for us and was crucified with it.  The gift of eternal life would be given to all who believe.  Oh, may His name be praised – eternally!


Father, through Your grace You brought us from slavery to freedom, from despair to hope from death to life.  We praise You and thank You for this precious, undeserved gift from Your everlasting love and Your  boundless, infinite mercy.  Thank you!  In Jesus’ Name.

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