Gospels in 40 Days – April 1-2

Welcome to our study of the gospels during the Lenten season. Lent is the Christian tradition of preparing for the resurrection of Jesus by taking intentional steps to grow closer to God during the 40 days before Easter.  The tradition mirrors Jesus going into the wilderness to fast and pray for 40 days, where he was tempted by Satan but was able to resist, strengthen, and grow his ministry for the days ahead (Matthew 4). Typical Lenten observances include fasting, repentance, moderation, self-denial, and spiritual discipline.

To join the study, pick a reading plan to follow, journal on the day’s reading using the SOAP method of Bible study (see “What’s SOAP?” on our website for details), and check in for daily posts from our study leaders. We hope you will join us this season, intentionally stepping toward God!


Luke was a physician who traveled with Paul spreading the Good News. God gave him a passion for fact-finding, and Luke’s gospel was written as a historical work in chronological order that encouraged Christians in following Jesus and reads like an epic story. In Luke 1:3, he addresses the gospel to “most excellent Theophilus”, a word meaning “lover of God”.

Clicking on the following links will take you to the Bible Gateway website where you can read the NIV version of today’s reading:

ALL OF IT: Luke 23-24

MOST OF IT: John 1:1-18

HIGHLIGHT REEL: John 1:35-51

Discussion Question

What AHA! moments have you experienced in God’s Word?


An AHA! Moment | Jess Howell


Luke 24:8 – Then they remembered that he had said this.


Jesus is missing from his tomb, and the women are confronted by two men in robes. The men question why they are looking for someone who is alive – “He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Remember what he told you back in Galilee…” (Luke 24:6). And then… they remember and rush back to Jesus’ posse to tell them the news.


This had to be a palm-to-the-head type moment when Jesus’ friends and family finally digest what Jesus had been trying to tell them all along. I imagine them open-mouthed and speechless. This verse 8, when the women actually REMEMBERED what Jesus had told them is where I found myself planted. How many times have I looked back at an event or situation and think, “AHA! Jesus said that would happen.” He didn’t tell me personally, but it is through the written Word of God that I experience His life and His Word and find places in my heart to store them.


Praise You,  Father God, for this message of the resurrection of Your Son who proved once and for all that He was the Messiah You promised. I pray that I would stay focused in my time with You and in Your Word so that my own AHA! moments don’t fall when it’s too late. I love You! Amen.

The Discover One Thing main website follows a reading plan that goes through the entire Bible in one year. Click HERE to check out today’s Discover One Thing post.


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