Proverbs 12 – May 27

The Discover One Thing Online Study is doing a proverb a day for 31 days, seeking knowledge and discretion (Proverbs 1:4) and learning and guidance (Proverbs 1:5) from God. Read today’s scripture, journal on it using SOAP, then please share as we encourage one another in this one thing. Below is the NIV version of today’s reading, then below that is a SOAP from one of our study leaders. The Comments section on our website is an open forum for sharing, requesting prayer, and asking questions.

Proverbs 12 – Proverbs of Solomon

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
    but whoever hates correction is stupid.
Good people obtain favor from the Lord,
    but he condemns those who devise wicked schemes.
No one can be established through wickedness,
    but the righteous cannot be uprooted.
A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown,
    but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.
The plans of the righteous are just,
    but the advice of the wicked is deceitful.
The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood,
    but the speech of the upright rescues them.
The wicked are overthrown and are no more,
    but the house of the righteous stands firm.
A person is praised according to their prudence,
    and one with a warped mind is despised.
Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant
    than pretend to be somebody and have no food.
10 The righteous care for the needs of their animals,
    but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
11 Those who work their land will have abundant food,
    but those who chase fantasies have no sense.
12 The wicked desire the stronghold of evildoers,
    but the root of the righteous endures.
13 Evildoers are trapped by their sinful talk,
    and so the innocent escape trouble.
14 From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things,
    and the work of their hands brings them reward.
15 The way of fools seems right to them,
    but the wise listen to advice.
16 Fools show their annoyance at once,
    but the prudent overlook an insult.
17 An honest witness tells the truth,
    but a false witness tells lies.
18 The words of the reckless pierce like swords,
    but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
19 Truthful lips endure forever,
    but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.
20 Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil,
    but those who promote peace have joy.
21 No harm overtakes the righteous,
    but the wicked have their fill of trouble.
22 The Lord detests lying lips,
    but he delights in people who are trustworthy.
23 The prudent keep their knowledge to themselves,
    but a fool’s heart blurts out folly.
24 Diligent hands will rule,
    but laziness ends in forced labor.
25 Anxiety weighs down the heart,
    but a kind word cheers it up.
26 The righteous choose their friends carefully,
    but the way of the wicked leads them astray.
27 The lazy do not roast any game,
    but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.
28 In the way of righteousness there is life;
    along that path is immortality.

Know-It-All | Dyea Rowland


Proverbs 12:15


The chapters that we read previously stress the importance of how wise it is to become wise (sounds wise, right?). They try and capture the younger audience (again, sounds wise, right?). If we’re wise, we know it is so “they” don’t have to step on the land minds, which we, the older generation (and even older generation) have stepped on (wish I would have known about these wise words when I was younger). Let’s fast forward, these chapters are packed full of examples of how to be wise and how not to be wise.


Verse 15 got me today. I am a know-it-all, but really I am a fool and know nothing at all. I go around thinking I am right, never asking for any kind of direction (just staying stuck). Here in this wise book, I really can know it all. But, Jesus, I need You to fill me with the only kind of “right”.


Father, I am fearful, proud, and annoying – my ways are not right. Please help me become wise; I want my mouth to shut and my ears to open. I know You have direction for me, but let me be wise enough to stop talking, listen, and move. As my youth fades and I grow older, let me grow wiser too. Jesus, in Your glorious name…Amen.

The Discover One Thing main website continues to follow the Life Journal Reading Plan which covers the whole Bible in one year. Click HERE to check out today’s Discover One Thing post.


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  1. I found what’s going on my chalkboard this summer — verse 24! Hey kids, would you rather rule or be my slave?


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