Genesis Starts January 1st

In the beginning…

The Discover One Thing Online Bible Study is starting a new year in the beginning of His Word. Join our community as we spend 50 days in the book of Genesis starting January 1st, encouraging each other in daily time at the feet of Jesus seeking that one thing He desires of us.

If you’ve been following us for the last several months, you’ve studied the Jesus who is to come (Revelation), the Jesus who is (Advent study), and now we’re going to peek into the Jesus who was.  “Genesis” is the Hebrew word for “in the beginning”, and the book sets out to answer some of life’s basic questions: who are we and where did we come from?  Though the author is not explicitly stated, it is believed that Moses authored this book along with Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

All you need is a Bible, journal, pen, and seeking heart. Check out the What’s SOAP tab on our website if you need more info on the method we use for studying the Bible. We’ll see you bright and early on the first day of 2016!


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  1. Looking forward to getting back into my bible FULL TIME. While I loved the Advent study (and the ease of it), I felt like I was just getting by. And I’m excited we’ll be doing Genesis with the kids at church too!!


  2. I felt the same way, Jess, but I also felt a peace about it, like God had planned this “break” so I would focus more time on my family with this study. I loved the study! Thanks for pointing us to it! December was a beautiful time of family growth for us!
    God is orchestrating Genesis for us too. When we seek Him, He is faithful in leading and guiding us. I’m hoping to read Genesis with my kiddos too. We tried to start, but my daughter told me to stop it already. At least my 2-yr old enjoyed my God voice.


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