May 26 – Acts 27

Hope in the Midst of a Storm | Rebecca


READ: Acts 27

Acts 20, 33, and 36 – The sun and stars didn’t appear for many days. The storm was terrible. So we gave up all hope of being saved…Just before dawn Paul tried to get them to eat. “For the last 14 days,” he said, “you have wondered what would happen. You have gone without food. You haven’t eaten anything.”…All of them were filled with hope. So they ate some food.


There were 276 people on board the ship when they got caught in a terrible storm for over two weeks. They had given up all hope, and they stopped eating.  Sometimes in the midst of our storms when we have no idea what is going to happen and we give up hope and can’t see a way out, it’s easy to stop feeding ourselves spiritually. We stop reading the Bible and praying. But God wants us to run to Him when we are in our storm and, through His Word, give us encouragement and hope to keep going.


I need to run to Jesus and not away from him in times of trouble.


Dear God,

Thank You that You are always there to give me hope and encouragement when I am going through any struggle. Please help me reach out and accept it from You.

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  1. I love your analogy here to our tendency to be spiritually malnourished when a hardship comes along! Why do we do that? And then there’s Paul–in the middle of a literal storm with the power to kill everyone aboard, verse 35 says, “…he took some bread and gave thanks to God.” Joy and thanksgiving, not gloom and doom. It’s difficult to practice this until you’re in caught in your own hurricane.


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