May 19 – Acts 21

Cracking open my new study Bible for the first time today! My hubby gave me my first Bible for Christmas 2000, and I spent all of 2001 reading it front-to-back, accepting what Jesus did for me at the end of that year. My hubby thought I needed a new Bible without ripped pages, so that’s what he gave me for our anniversary on Monday. Funny, one of the pages my 2-year old ripped out was today’s reading.



READ: Acts 21

Acts 21:14 – When he would not be dissuaded, we gave up and said, “The Lord’s will be done.”


The resolve of Paul to obey God’s leading in Chapter 21 is unbelievable, to stay the course all the way to Jerusalem. If everywhere I went, brothers and sisters in Christ were telling me not to do something, I would assume that was God’s way of telling me not to do it too, closing doors through Godly men and women. But Paul knew God was leading him to Jerusalem, and it was actually Satan scheming through the brothers and sisters trying to stop him, including the author of Acts–Luke. Wow, stories like this are why I can sometimes get so wrapped up in discerning God’s will. My family or my sisters in Christ may not know it but may be leading me astray of God’s path? NO! Or, I may be leading them astray? I don’t want to participate in Satan’s schemes!

How can I avoid being a conduit of Satan’s destructive path? Focus! Paul’s resolve came from many years in chains for Jesus, prison time, preaching to countless Jews and Gentiles, rejoicing, loving, praying, worshiping, working, transforming, obeying, healing, and accessing the power of the Holy Spirit. And through all of this, God also blessed him with protection and strength to stay the course. Paul was determined to finish the race (verse 20:24), with his eye on the prize of what awaits us in heaven! Attaining this resolve overnight is not possible; the race is longer than an Ironman marathon. I must continue to exercise the muscles of rejoicing, loving, praying, worshipping, growing, spreading the Good News, obeying, and accessing the power of the Holy Spirit, daily—focused on glorifying God and that finish line at the pearly gates.


Focus on You.


Thank You for the husband You have given me in this world and for his Godly encouragement to continue reading Your Word daily! Through this One Thing, please grow me to stay focused on You in the middle of Your will and to never stop serving, loving on, and encouraging my husband, as You have designed the wife’s role in marriage. Please keep my husband focused on You too as he leads me and our family under You.


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