May 14 – Acts 18-19:7

My Bible has a map of Paul’s three major missionary trips. He traveled thousands of miles on foot and thousands of miles by boat, covering a quarter of the Mediterranean coastal area and telling everyone he could about Jesus!



READ: Acts 18:1-19:7


In today’s reading, I just get a sense that Paul is busy, going here and there, working, preaching here, staying there, moving on, etc. But his “busy” is not the busy we see in our culture. His busy is guided by the Holy Spirit. Paul often refers to himself as a slave or servant to Jesus in the letters he wrote to the churches, and here he is being pulled around the Mediterranean by the chains of the Holy Spirit. That analogy doesn’t have a good connotation for us, but Paul rejoices as a slave to Jesus—the book of Philippians is all about this. Paul feels joy in that the good news is spreading, and he humbles himself in servitude to be a part of that.

Do I allow myself to be a slave to Jesus? What do I do when the Holy Spirit tugs at my chains? Do I just obey or do I delay or ignore the tug? If I obey, God could take me on a thousand-mile journey telling everyone about Jesus! Or, He could take me on a different type of journey for which He specially crafted me from the time that He knit me together in my mom’s womb.


Be a servant of Jesus Christ through humility and obedience.


Thank You for the example of Paul and how You can do anything through anyone! I seek to serve You and go on Your journey for me. Please help me to obey Your whispers and tugs and go where You lead me.


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