April 6-19: Online Bible Study Break

On April 20, we will start posting for the Acts 28-day reading plan, continuing to use the SOAP method of Bible Study (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer). Check out the “What’s SOAP” tab on our website to learn more about this method. The book of Acts starts up where the gospels left off–the disciples receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and start a new religion, with Peter emerging as a leader and Paul taking the gospel on the road to the non-Jews (or Gentiles). The newborn baby Christian church was on fire for Jesus! So this is a good place to come and re-ignite our flames for Jesus. Also, if you’re watching the TV miniseries A.D., which starts at the death of Jesus and goes through the beginning of the church from Acts, you’ll be able to watch the book of Acts come to life while truth-checking it against the Word of God.

Coming off of our 3-month study of the gospels in chronological order, two amazing opportunities to share the Good News with kiddos this last week, and a beautiful Easter day celebrating the Resurrection, I am on Cloud 9! I think this week’s break in posts will be a great time for me to re-visit our reading last week, this time on the victory side of Easter. Though we are on a posting break for the next couple of weeks, I encourage you to continue your time at the feet of Jesus. The main Discover One Thing site is a great resource for this (http://discoveronething.wordpress.com)! You could follow their daily reading or pick a reading plan posted on the site.

See you soon!







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