February 19 – Chronological Life of Jesus Day 36

Today as I was cleaning out the bottomless pit I call a purse, I came across something very interesting. There were four small rocks in the bottom. I had a moment and wondered what in the world. Then it came to me whose they were. Curious about these rocks, I began to reminisce, which led me to tracing the line all the way back to who in my family was a collector. I won’t bore you with all the lineage, but I can safely start with my father’s mother on down, and to my surprise, my five year old (you guessed it, his rocks!). Still curious about these rocks. Again I won’t bore you with all the questions that began to form, but I definitely pondered the collecting – was it caught, taught, learned or maybe even a foreshadowing. And wow, what a process involved? “Rock”, what a significant word and meaning! I don’t say this lightly; Jesus is something we can stand on not only firmly but forever. In this time of prayer and repentance and prayer and remembrance; let’s be bold and proud of the Rock of our life on which we stand.



READ: Mark 9


I must say, Mark sure has a way of articulating his gospel, and good job with the detail, Peter! Most of what we read today is the third account of what was also written in Luke 9 and Matthew 17. So, just a few things that I want to touch on.

In verse 1, “I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power.” We read this in Luke 9:27 and 16:28; one would think that Jesus is speaking of the coming, to establish his kingdom on earth. Unsure of this parallel’s meaning, the research revealed that Jesus was actually referring to what had taken place in the transfiguration. It’s meaning, that Christ would be seen as He really is (His true self)—the King of heaven.

Transitioning on to the boy with the impure spirit. This time let’s not focus so much on what Jesus did but more on the process involved. Center in on verses 23,24 and 29. These verses are not spelled out in the other two books as it is here. The take away from these three crucial verses–belief, that all things are possible, and prayer. I often find myself leaning on my own understanding and doing it all in my own strength. Finally when I have confused myself enough and left wondering why things are not “happening”, or continuously battle a yucky nasty “demon” that won’t go away, that’s when I find myself throwing my hands up in the air, now wanting to listen and know why. It’s true; God gives us authority, but with that – it belongs to Him. The amazing benefit that comes with that is healing, order, and peace, if we have faith with belief and prayer.

Verses 42-49 haven’t been covered specifically in the previous chapters. It will show up again in tomorrow’s reading but definitely a warning statement. God knows us and our sinful nature and that with that being said He knows temptation is a product of our heart and minds. The take away– sometimes we may have to cut ourselves off from some aspect of our lives in order to avoid any sort of temptation, whether it be a stumbling block caused by others or ourselves being a stumbling block to someone else. Jesus speaks of the parable in Luke 9:62. My understanding of this is that Jesus doesn’t want us plowing a crooked field, ruining it. He wants us to re-focus and get our eyes on Him, so we plow our field (life) in that straight line. The consequence and possible permanence of hell, yikes! In verse 50, again we see Jesus speak of peace and wanting us to have salt. Salt in this sense meaning good strong spiritual characteristics of being in good taste (conduct), which would help with preventing moral decay and preserving the lives of others.


You spoke to me in many ways today. You showed me Your love for belief, boldness, order, peace, prayer, and me. You are my Rock, help me stand firm and never stumble.


Lord, thank You for all of the little rocks that I have come across in my life. For all the ones I have thrown, kicked, admired, picked up, kept, and even ignored. I am most thankful to have found my forever solid Rock, and that’s You.

As this study continues, I pray that you enable us to proclaim the Gospel clearly when given the opportunity, being wise and bold around outsiders, to make the most of every opportunity.

I pray in Your great name…Amen!


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  1. Beautiful! Thanks so much for all the prayers yesterday! You all are so sweet and such best friends! I tear up just thinking of you gals! Sometimes Jesus builds faith, belief, and prayer in Him and other times he builds trust and love in relationships. I feel so blessed to know such wonderful God-fearing women! Thank you Lord! As a mother of sons, I get lots of rocks in my purse too! Just watch out for putting crayons in pockets at restaurants, that’s ruined a dryer full of clothes at our house!


  2. My Bible points out a focus change in Jesus’ last months on earth away from teaching the crowds and to preparing his apostles. Verse 30-31: “…Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were, because he was teaching his disciples.” His disciples just had a fail at healing the boy with an evil spirit. Whatever it was–prayer, belief, both–,they needed more training. Just like when my intern fails and I have to spend 2 hrs fixing his work, it’s a wake-up call to me that he needs more training. God, I need more training! And the training I need is this, what I’m doing right now, sitting here, somewhat alone, reading Your Word and letting You speak to me and teach me and train me for the day ahead, prepare me and fill me. I need that reminder today. Thank You! And help me to remove the distractions from my training time with You.


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