February 10 – Chronological Life of Jesus Day 29

As I sat and unwrapped the words of this chapter today, from all the many things to take away from it, one thing was clear to my heart and that was Jesus shows us His.

Hopefully your relationship, understanding, and vocabulary has grown deeper and will continue to amplify. Hopefully the questions, insight, and boldness has fallen upon you. I would be enthralled to hear anything that the Spirit has laid on your heart up to this point.



READ: Luke 9


As we continue to read, we can see that Jesus knows his time has started to draw near.

  • He has shown and given us authority.
  • He wants us to trust Him in all areas of our lives–He is enough.
  • He wants us to repent (duly note this – we must do this!) and be able to enjoy the Kingdom of God.

I won’t spend too much time on verses 1-17 as we’ve examined these previously, but want to re-iterate that this appears to be Jesus’ one last shot. People are trying to “shut Him down” (vs. 7-9), and they won’t stop until that happens, and Jesus knows this. I love the irony – that Herod was left perplexed. Jesus, himself, had tried, tried and tried again to reach these hardened hearts. But now it’s up to his disciples. If they can’t reach them, then nobody can say that they don’t know the repercussions. That being DEATH.

As we continue on with the verses, this is where I really saw His heart. We know that Jesus wasn’t very well liked, but He did have an inner circle, as we can see in verse 28–Peter, John and James and I’d say Mary, Martha and Lazarus were a part of that “inner circle” as well. He wanted to know Peter’s heart (vs. 20): “Who do you say I am?” using this as a stepping stone to what was about to happen next. Well, Peter knew He was the Messiah, but I don’t think he had any idea why all of the questions and statements. He had heard all of these words before, but this time, they were spoken directly to them. Jesus was leading up to what He showed them in verse 29; Jesus showed His true self – in radiant glory in his transfiguration, which means a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

I once heard a commentary on the boy with an evil spirit. It stuck with me of course; it was brought to me in a whole new perspective. In verse 41, it seems to be two-fold. Jesus was heartbroken for this poor man, whose son was being tormented. No one, including the disciples, believed that they could help this man and his child. Jesus wanted to comfort the man, because He knew he was tired and worn, fighting this long, complicated, never-ending battle. I know Jesus was losing His patience. I’m sure wanting to throw his hands up in the air (okay, that’s how I may have acted), because everyone had turned from God and still didn’t believe. After everything – and even that miracle of casting out that spirit, Jesus had told them again what was to happen. And yet they still didn’t understand and were afraid to ask.

Humans are funny little beings. Why does it always have to be a competition, I always ask. Jesus saw the hearts of his disciples and had to put them back on track, as you read in verse 48. Jesus’ friends were thinking that a child was not important. Jesus showed them that a child is important to God. The way that they receive a child shows if they understand this. We should not think that we are more important than other people.

From verses 51-56, the people in Samaria did not like Jews to stay in their village. But Jesus just kept on heading to his new set location, Jerusalem.

In verses 57-62, Jesus is saying the time is now; there is no time to waste. Don’t dally, because what is holding you back isn’t going to give you what my Kingdom has in store.


For whoever is not against you is for you!


Lord, may I continue to look to You, and You continue to search my heart. I know that if I am for You, nothing can be against. Thank You for laying down Your life, so I can have mine. May I continue to be forever grateful. Let me not hold myself above anyone else, especially You. Please continue to grow me and use me as one of Your chosen instruments.

I pray all of this in Your all-powerful holy name…Amen!


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  1. Thank you, Dyea! Dyea wrote the above post between two all-nighters of working at the hospital, sitting with someone who tried to take their own life, try-try-trying to reach a hardened heart for God just as she described Jesus doing in his ministry on earth. Wow. Herod was “perplexed” in vs. 9, well at least something was eating away at his hard heart! But what about those times when we try so hard to reach a hardened heart and get zero response? How much, how often, for how long are we supposed to try before we “shake the dust off your feet when you leave their town, as a testimony against them.” (vs. 5)? This is another good reason to be connected with God. Dyea went into work last night after spending time at the feet of Jesus, reading His Word, and journaling, in preparation for the night of battles ahead. That doesn’t make her perfect, but it does make her operate under the authority of God, in a life or death situation in this instance. With God’s authority, the burden is removed from us trying so hard in our power alone.
    God, thank You for Your servant Dyea! Continue to empower and strengthen her as she tries to reach broken hearts for You! And for this broken heart in the hospital, and for so many others, I pray that they would choose to soften their hearts and let You in. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ who came to save us, not condemn us!


  2. I love the imagery you chose for when Jesus revealed His Glory! Amazing!


  3. Wow Dyea, that is an amazing story Becky shared about you! I had a great childhood friend named Dia commit suicide. I had no idea you had this ministry going! What a light you are to me!


  4. Hi! I prayed for another big open forum today! Ha and look what God did, I’d like to say He did this just for me (wink-just kidding). I have been operating on 4 hours of sleep in the past 4 days, not saying this, because I’m looking for a poor poor me (I feel great), I say this to give glory to God. I can only imagine if I was operating on and in my own strength, I know there wouldn’t be any functioning at all. I’m running in high Holy Spirit mode. Thank goodness for His authority!

    On that note, Holly you will be surprised to know that I knew Dia and of her situation. She still comes to my heart every so often. I was in 8th grade when I met her, she in 7th. She had come up to me in the gym locker room and asked if my name was dyea. She lite up when she exclaimed that she and I had the same name. I was excited, but more excited that someone knew of me, which at that time wasn’t in a negative way. I remember her having this energy about her, as if she didn’t care what anyone thought. I wanted that, little did I know we, were both fighting “junior high battles”, involving acceptance. Those lies, Get Behind Us Devil! I see God’s orchestration in your post, He doesn’t just put people in our lives, all willy nilly – how awesome is it to see He had his hand in this 24 years ago and showed himself today.

    Becky, what an expression…thank you for that. His reverence is amazing, considering the situation, I was excited to see what God had and still has in store. It was definitely a divine appointment, God wanted His word spoken again, into this particular child – No Doubt in my mind. Again it was not by accident that He had given me margin to be available last night, to be used as his instrument!

    This world is heavy with problems…as in Herod’s day. He took matters into his own hands and thought he would and had taken care of the “problem” on his own accord mind you – unbeknownst to him, he ended up just making a bigger mess. As we usually do, running in, I’ll fix my own problem mode. No problem is too big for God!


  5. I was curious when Jesus replied, “No one puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the service in the kingdom of God. ” The research was quite interesting. I’m continually amazed at how much the Bible has to tell us. One sentence mean something so much more than what is printed. I wonder how much I “just read” and miss.


  6. I pondered on this verse too. I know much of my time is divided, all kinds of things want my attention. Even when I’m sitting at Jesus’ feet, even my thoughts want my time. And all he is asking for, is for us focus on Him, that One thing – the Only thing. Like you said there is so much more to this verse than what I touched on. Was there anything specific that jumped out at you, while researching?


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