January 2 – Chronological Life of Jesus Day 2

As we start the book of John today…there’s some really good stuff in John, foundations of our faith good stuff! Please, please, please ask questions in the comments section below today’s post on our website if there’s anything you don’t understand. FYI, I’m no Bible scholar. I have a degree in physical science which is about the furthest you can get away from God in our educational system. Sometimes I don’t address things because I don’t understand them either, and maybe God knows I’m not ready to understand those parts yet. We’re all just regular people trying to grow in our relationship with God, and He gives us His Word in the Bible to do just that. So, open it up and see what He has to tell you today. And maybe we all can help each other when we have questions.



READ: John 1


John introduces Jesus here in the beginning of Chapter 1 but doesn’t say his name until verse 17. “The Word” to which he refers is Jesus, and He was in the beginning of creation (vs. 1) because Jesus is God. This is one of the most important foundations of our faith, and no other gospel emphasizes this as much as John. Check my archived post from December 25 for what Jesus as The Word means.

How else does John describe Jesus in Chapter 1? It seems to me that each of John’s descriptions of Jesus focuses more on his spiritual being than on his physical aspects. In vs. 1:14, Jesus is born, but it’s almost a little cryptic to understand this verse as such: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” In other words, God became flesh and bone in Jesus so his presence could be with us here on earth. Remember from yesterday we talked about how Luke emphasizes Jesus as the Son of God? It’s difficult for us to grasp because we like things to fit into boxes, but God is bigger than a box—Jesus can be both God and man (i.e., God’s son) at the same time. Did you see what vs. 1:12-13 says? All you have to do is believe that Jesus is both God and man, and you have the right to become a child of God! And here’s how you exercise that right to become a child of God—believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead so that you can be with your Father God in heaven forever! That’s seriously all there is to it!

Each gospel contributes pertinent information to understanding God and our faith; that’s why God had the gospel authors write it this way. As we dig into the other gospels, compare and contrast how each introduces and describes Jesus.

We will go into more detail on John the Baptist’s story as it comes up next week chronologically in the other gospels. But today I want to go into a little more on the last part of John 1. John the Baptist has just seen the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descend on Jesus, just as God told him it would happen, and this would be the Son of God. The very next day, John the Baptist announces Jesus as the Lamb of God (foreshadowing Jesus as the sacrificial lamb for our sins when he is put to death on the cross), and immediately two men follow Jesus—the first of his twelve disciples. Verse 1:39 says the two spent the day with Jesus, but the very first thing Andrew does next is to find his brother Peter and tell him that they have found the Messiah (vs. 1:40-42). That Peter? Yes, that Peter–the one who became the founding father for the Christian church. During that day Andrew spent with Jesus, do you think he discovered the One Thing? YES! In the course of one day, he went from first believing in Jesus, to growing in Jesus, and then to telling others the good news. Did it happen that quickly for you? Not for me! I thought I had to know more Bible to be able to tell others about Jesus. God reveals knowledge to us when we are ready in our walk with Him to act on it. For me, that revelation took about 12 years. I’m not proud of that; I wish I would have been more quick to share the good news, more like Andrew, but I know that knowing this 12 years ago wouldn’t have made me any more of an evangelist. He had to grow me in other places first.


All I have to do is believe. You have done the rest for me because You love me.


Thank You that I am Your child! And thank You for growing me since that moment I first believed 13 years ago! Continually remind me that all I have to do is believe and continue to help me point others in that way to You.


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  1. That is so helpful to realize that God reveals knowledge to us as we are ready in our walk. Me too!! I dinked along as a Christian/believer for over 20 years with very little interest in growth. It took a really tough, dark and fearful season to make me cling to the Lord and need him in an intimate way. As the wilderness cleared, I really “took off” and grew!

    Looking back now, God was slowly preparing me for the wilderness, He knew I needed to be able to hold on. It gave me a hunger and that is when I started to get “fed” with reading the Word. The journaling with Discover One Thing is what really put the pieces of the Bible together for me to put into action/ application with my own life.


  2. I’m so thankful that you chose growth, Joni! You are a bright light reflecting Jesus to me and so many others!

    I’m thinking about how a crystal refracts, or bends, light. Each of our walks is unique, but God can use our stories and experiences to bend His light and reach others through us.


  3. I really liked the part where Jesus told Peter that he saw him under the fig tree. I wonder what Peter was doing and thinking about. I love those personal moments where God comes to where I am. He reminds me that I’m never alone and he calms my fears and worries. God makes me laugh and surprises me! I’m sure there was a moment so personal under that fig tree for Peter to so quickly surrender himself to Jesus! I love those “inside jokes” I get to share with God and he reminds me that he saw me under the fig tree and knows all.


  4. What an awesome picture, Holly! I love it! Thanks for sharing! God is so awesome how we can all read the same chapter and all get different messages from Him. Let’s plant fig trees this spring!


  5. “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another”(1:16)
    I pray we continue to gain His knowledge in our walks, that He keeps us from straying into that wilderness, we have once left behind.
    “Follow Me” (1:43) He request and let the promise be true, that we “shall see greater things than that” (1:50), referring those intimate moments when He sees us under the fig trees.
    May the fig trees be abundant for all!
    In His precious name…Amen


  6. Dyea, my brain completely skipped over those verses. Thank you for shining light on them in a beautiful prayer!


  7. “…Follow Me.” (John 1:43) That could be our rally cry for this study, our victory chant as we live life full these next 3 months. There are a lot of things to follow in our world–a blog, a TV show, a celebrity on Twitter. We get the awesome opportunity to follow Jesus, God with us! Have a great day, fellow Jesus follower!


  8. Hi, I am confused. I think maybe trying to do two different Bible studies. I like the chronological one of Jesus’s life. But I thought that was also the one when I get to read the whole Bible in one year. DoI have the two confused. Thanks for any help you can give me. Really looking forward to this year with you. Claire Keogh



  9. Hi Claire! Discover One Thing has two websites. The main Discover One Thing website follows the Bible in a year reading plan from Wayne Cordeiro’s Divine Mentor (https://discoveronething.wordpress.com/), and our Discover One Thing ministry team posts their daily journal entries from the readings. This website is birthed from that one and does a focused Bible study with shorter daily readings, right now the Chronological Life of Jesus through Easter. The goal of both is to get you in the Word daily, spending time at teh feet of Jesus. Options are always good!


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