December 1 – Jesse Tree Story Day 2

It’s December! As soon as it hits December, I am ready for Christmas music and lights non-stop. I love the Christmas season. My mom’s a big fan too, so I probably inherited that. Think about this–our sense of beauty and delight was crafted in God’s image. As you look around today, think about how God created all of it and delights in His creation.

Note: My application and prayer will generally be personal–what God is teaching me as I study these verses. Your application and prayer could look completely different, and that’s ok! God has something to speak to each of us when we draw near to Him, and since He is limitless, it could be a different message for each of us. As you read, just listen for and process His personal love letter to you.


READ: Creation story in Genesis 1:1 to 2:3


Verses 1-25 talk about God creating the earth. “And God said,” is repeated 7 times here–He spoke every part of the earth into existence. Scientists tend to get all bent out of shape when someone points to this as how we came to be. I should know; I’m a scientist. In my college general biology course, at a Catholic university no less, the professor told us we did not deserve to be scientists if we believe in this story of creation. I don’t believe that the Word of God here was intended to be a science textbook; the details on how are purposely left out. Why do you think God left out the details? A tenet of our Christian faith is that God is the Creator of all. Is the “how” important?

In vs. 26, God said “Let us make man in our image.” Who is “us” in this verse? For a hint, see John 1:1-2. God made you and me in His image. Meditate on that truth for a bit. God set man apart from the rest of His creation. Making us in His image is the first sign of the special love that He has for us.

Verse 31—God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. God’s perfect. I expect nothing less from Him. God takes pleasure in what He has created and sets a day aside as holy to delight in His work and rest (vs. 2:3). Do you believe that you are God’s good and perfect creation? Do you believe that God delights in you?


God loves us so much that He created us in His image, in the image of the Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit who were all there in the beginning. I am created in Your image to do Your work in the world You created!


God, I love Your creation. I see You in the majestic beauty of the Colorado mountains, in a waterfall tumbling over rocks, in the trees swaying in the wind, in the splendor of a cloudy sunset, in a thunderstorm. And these are things that weren’t created in Your image. How much more then should I, perfectly made in Your image, reflect You to others! Help me to shine Your light brightly so that others may see You in me and may see and know how much You love them too. Oh what love! Thank You for Your love and Your creation!

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  1. Becky, l love how in your prayer you pointed out that God created all of those amazing things: Mountains, thunderstorms, sunsets. People comment and notice them, yet, like you pointed out, WE, are created in His image, we are to reflect Him. That is such a powerful thought to think that we are more majestic than those “great” nature experiences. I had never thought about that. It is just, one more reason, “oh, how He loves us so.”.

    I look and admire creation and think this thought, “how can someone NOT believe in a God when i see the amazing detailed handiwork of God? ” I feel sorry for your professors who said that, they are missing out on an indescribeable love that you are personally experiecing. It really is sad when people’s arrogance and pride keep them from seeing Him.


  2. Knowing how sinful and broken we are, it’s hard to see ourselves as more majestic than the beauty God created in nature, especially when we consider that mountains, thunderstorms, and sunsets don’t have the capacity to displease God like we do. But He still loves us! He still reaches His loving arm out to us to draw us close to Him if we choose to take it. More on this in the coming days as we look at Adam & Eve and Noah!


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