November 28 Romans 15:1-33

Give God Glory

S~ Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory. Romans 15:7 (NLT)

O~ Paul teaches/reminds us that we are to be sensitive to others’ feelings, considerate, patient, encouraging, live in harmony, not just to please ourselves **so that God will be given glory**.

A~ This life is NOT about me. It is easy to fall into a selfish, me-me-me place. I feel justified to feel the way I do about others. I feel entitled to live my life and do my thing. MY thing. I can even manipulate it in my own mind to be about others, when if I got real with myself it is about me and my comfort. God is not glorified when I am prideful and selfish. God is not glorified when I justify my own selfishness. God is glorified when I am sensitive to others and genuinely live for Him and not myself.

I can’t help but think of the craziness in our country right now. Yesterday we gave thanks and before the day was out, like a light switch, we flipped over to frantic and frenzied shopping for more, more, more. I haven’t followed closely the happenings in Ferguson, MO, but it is clearly NOT people following these values. And how on earth it brings justice for anyone to turn to rioting and looting I cannot understand. It makes me sad, and I’m sure it grieves God’s heart that we could think of treating people differently because of the color of their skin or the clothes that they wear. But we do.

How can we judge *anyone* especially as Christ followers? God is the perfect judge, He knows every heart. How could we dare to think that we know? How can we not accept each other just as Christ has accepted us so that God will be given glory? If we pause for even a moment and reflect on what we have been forgiven, genuinely and humbly, we would turn to compassion and acceptance quickly. Why do we flip to a place of criticism, sarcasm, put people in a box, in a category…I guess it is easier to assume than to spend the effort to know their journey and their struggles. It’s definitely easier than spending the effort to walk with them and help them. And maybe we feel better about ourselves if we can put them in a nice tidy category of not enough, not good enough, not smart enough, not ambitious enough…not valuable enough to accept just the way they are. Broken. Sinful. Hurting. Just like us.

P~ The goal of my life as a lover of Jesus is to bring You glory. Help me to accept others as You have accepted me to bring You glory. You have accepted me while I was the worst sinner of all. In my selfish, prideful, broken place. Help me to see that in others and not judge but accept. I love You.


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