November 25 Romans 12:6-21


S~ Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. Romans 6:12 (NLT)

O~ Paul reminds us in this section of Scripture how to live out our faith. Use our gifts to the very best of our ability. Love others genuinely, work hard pray, help people, be humble and kind to others, and never take revenge, but do good.

A~ Lately, it seems like one trial after another in our family. All of it is out of our control, it’s not anyone’s fault, really. We live in this really broken world.

First, our dishwasher died. Annoying, but it happens, it was 14 years old after all. First world problem.

Then we had a small flood in the basement. A piece of the drain in the tub corroded and disintegrated and completely fell apart, resulting in the water from 2 showers running down into my office. A plumber, a new wall and part of a ceiling later and all is well. Annoying, but it happens. No one’s fault. Another first world problem.

Next? The washer. As I was leisurely reading in the living room it made the most awful noise during the spin cycle. Found a great repairman that my neighbor uses and he could fix it! Yay! The part cost almost as much as a new washer though. So off to buy a new washer (because 4 kids means I do laundry every. single. day.). Annoying, but it happens. No one’s fault. Yet another first world problem.

Next day my husband’s laptop died. Annoying, but it happens. No one’s fault. First world problem, ready to move to a beach on a deserted island that is not first world, though.

The day I got my new washer installed I burned (really, really badly burned) a pan of beans which left my house completely toxic for about a week. That one was my fault. I started wondering what could possibly happen next…but really didn’t even want to ask the question.

All those things are, yes, annoying and unfortunate “life” stuff that bumped into my happy. I could still hang on to being patient in the trouble. But then…

Here’s where I really need this truth of rejoicing in our confident hope. My nephew has a rare, aggressive form of cancer. He is 5. Right now, he is losing…still fighting!…but not winning. We need hope. We need hope that there is more than this broken place. We need CONFIDENT hope. I know that You are there, God. And I know that You are good. THIS is not good, but You are. I don’t understand, but I’m being patient in trouble. And boy, oh boy do we keep on praying.

Then, this Sunday we celebrated that my daughter (who has juvenile arthritis) has been in medication free remission for SIX MONTHS!! Woo hoo! Something to celebrate and praise You for her health. Then she was going to hop in bed and said her legs and feet hurt, upon further investigation she had the characteristic, telltale rash that signals an arthritis flare for her. Yesterday lab results confirmed it and today we were at the hospital getting an IV to try to keep in in its place.

You are my hope, my confident hope. I rejoice in You. You never change.

Honestly, Lord, I’m doing the best I can to be patient with this yuck. It’s not fair, and it’s making me sad. But You are just.

Praying, praying, praying…I keep praying. Praying for miracles.

P~ Lord, I love You. Thank You for Your truth. Even when my heart is breaking. I am so thankful for the confident hope that I have in You. I love You.


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