Day 42 John 21:13-25

Dear John…God has used your gospel to teach me and grow me, for the third time in three months (I get it–it’s signficant). Thank you for being His faithful servant! I’ve reached the end of your gospel, so I must leave you now. But this isn’t the end. I promise I’ll be back some day! Sincerely, Becky

Scripture: John 21:13-25


Read vs. 13-23. Threes indicate significance in the Bible. Here, Jesus asks Peter if he loves him three times. Jesus then responds, “Feed my lambs,” “Take care of my sheep,” and “Feed my sheep.” What does this mean to you? Why does Jesus single out Peter here? God has big plans in store for Peter; he is going to lead the new Christian church (see Acts for more details). Peter’s responses here almost indicate annoyance and jealousy. Have you experienced a time of God changing your heart? Maybe you’ve seen through it that He was changing your heart because He was preparing you for big things?

Read vs. 24-25. John covered a lot of ground in his gospel, but not all of Jesus’ life. I trust that the Bible is God’s Word, spoken through humans. Exactly what needs to be in there for us to live life full is in there. Just as God didn’t need to explain the details of creation to us, He doesn’t need to tell us all of the details of Jesus’ life—He has to leave something for us to talk about in heaven, right?

Do you crave more? Yes, we’re done with our John study, but you don’t have to be done reading God’s Word! It’s my prayer that you will continue studying God’s Word. Discover One Thing’s next online study will be in Romans. You can join us here for that, or in the daily Discover One Thing readings at, or there are a billion resources online. If you crave more John, take a look at his other books—1 John, 2 John, 3 John, or if you’re really brave, Revelations. As we dive into a very busy season, don’t let this One Thing be compromised. Make it the biggest priority of your day!


I crave more. God, I crave drawing closer to You, deepening my relationship with You, and becoming more like You. Sanctify me!


Sanctify me, God! Help me to come to You each day, sacrificing my time so that I can draw near to You. Help me to stay grounded in Your Word. For all who are reading this, who have joined in this study of John, I pray that they would continue to spend time with You each day, reading Your Word, processing it, and letting You talk to them and work in them through this time. You give us breath each day and You love us more than anyone; help us to show love to You through our relationship with You.



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