Day 41 John 21:1-12

Hello Readers…Here we are, we are finishing up the LAST chapter of our study of John.  I have been challenged and grown these past 40 days.  As Becky and I have discussed the study, we both have stressed the accountibility as the most motivating factor in reading and journaling these past 40 days.  We aren’t perfect!! ( For those who have been following everyday, you might have noticed i forgot to post one morning!! :O  )  Still, I desire to push through and sit at the feet of Jesus and learn and be transformed in my daily walk.  If you could, would you drop Becky and I a short email about thoughts, prayers, suggestions for this study?  It was our first one for Discover One Thing and we would like to continue to bring  online studies to you, WE NEED FEEDBACK!!

How were the reading assignments?  Too short? Too long?  Just right?

Did you read the Bible or just read the study posting?

Did you do any journaling these past 40 days?, if so, would you consider sharing?

What studies would you like to see in the future?

Thank you in advance.  Again, we both appreciate any communication from our readers.  We understand that this format is not as ideal for communicating as a personal study; still, we have  both strived to make it personal and inviting. For those of you who have met either Becky or myself,  you’ll know we are talkers and love to converse!  🙂

Thank you for walking this journey with us.

Joni Tyner


Gone Fishin’

Scripture: John 21:1-12


Read vs. 1-12. Things must be getting back to normal for the apostles because they’ve gone fishing in today’s reading. They’re likely not out for recreation but more likely for food and earning money, but they were out all night long and caught no fish until some stranger yelled at them to try the other side of the boat. This request seems pretty silly to me. But if I were one of the apostles out fishing, I think I’d get pretty ugly at this man giving advice from the beach. Thankfully, the apostles don’t get frustrated but obey, and they are rewarded! Why did John include this story in his gospel? If it speaks to you, please share what God is telling you through it.

When they found out it was Jesus on the beach, Peter had no problem getting out of the boat this time; he dove in and swam to be with Jesus. Are you this enthusiastic to be with Jesus, or to spend time with Him at His feet each day? Do you think He is this enthusiastic to be with you?

The last picture is beautiful—Jesus just chilling with his friends around a fire, sharing a meal and enjoying one another’s company. What do you think they talked about?


I need to include You and obey You in everything. When the apostles obeyed You, You blessed them abundantly in their work. You want the same for me.


Yes, You care about the big stuff-moves, job changes, health. But You also care about my small stuff—daily work, teachable moments with my kids, how I treat my husband when he gets home from work. Help me to enthusiastically obey You and Your will in all of it!



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