Day 40 John 20:16-31


John 20:16-31


We left off our study yesterday with Jesus being resurrected and appearing to Mary Magdalene at the site of the empty tomb.  Please take time and go back and read the entire chapter of John 20 if you missed this yesterday.  This is the absolute foundation of our Christian faith.   Jesus is gently pointing Mary to find the other disciples and share the good news, He is alive!!

Going back to verse 16.  Jesus speaks Mary’s name. “Mary!”  It is then she recognizes Him.   She turns and cries out, “Rabboni!”—this means teacher in Hebrew.   I love that He uses her personal name.  He does that to us as well, He calls us into a personal relationship.

In verses 24-31 Jesus appears in a locked room.  What was their response?   What was Thomas’s response in verse 25?

How did Jesus respond to Thomas’s doubt?

I see that Jesus was patient with Thomas, “put your finger here, look at my hands.  Put your hand into the wound in my side. Don’t be faithless any longer. Believe!”  I think Jesus understands our doubt and questions…still… He doesn’t want us to stay there…He desires for our questions to cause us to seek out answers.  When our doubt searches for the truth, it grows our faith. God is BIG ENOUGH to handle our doubts and questions.  I really think the key thing is to not stay in a doubt filled life but to push past the questions and find the answers in His Word.  If we seek truth we will find it.


I struggle with doubt sometimes, I’m just being honest.  Life can be hard, not just for me, but really, for everyone.  Circumstances happen that I don’t understand and can’t explain.  Still, I make the choice to believe in Him, I believe in the character of God and I trust that He will always do what is best.  I accept that He is God and I am not.


Dear Lord, I really want to trust You when I don’t always understand circumstances or all the why’s. I want to grow my faith and so I will embrace this journey You have set before me. Thank you for forgiving me when I have had doubt.  Please help me to seek Your Word when doubt creeps in and trust Your plan for me.  I love You.




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