Day 38 John 19:22-42

I’ll be honest, it’s difficult for me to read this part of Jesus’ story and even more difficult for me to process it. It’s so emotion-filled, so it’s hard for me to find words as I write today. If you are having similar difficulties, then try visualizing today’s reading as if you were one of the Mary’s standing by the cross.

Scripture: John 19:22-42


Read vs. 22-30. Jesus is crucified on the cross. The disciple Jesus loved and the author of this gospel is standing right there, watching it all unfold. John is careful to point out the prophecies from the Old Testament that were fulfilled in Jesus’ dying—vs. 24 from Psalm 22:18 and vs. 36 from Exodus 12:46, Numbers 9:12, Psalm 34:20, and Zechariah 12:10. Why does he do this in the midst of this heartbreaking moment? Jesus is suffering in pain, humiliation, and betrayal to bear the punishment for our sins. There is no greater love. What are your thoughts and emotions as you read John’s account of Jesus’ death?

Read vs. 31-42. I’m going to focus on an old friend here—Nicodemus is back! Remember when we first met him? In chapter 3, he came to see Jesus at night and asked a lot of questions. Then we caught a glimpse of his heart changing in chapter 7 as he defended Jesus. Now look where he is in vs. 39! At this point, it was dangerous to be associated with Jesus, but here Nicodemus, a Jewish official whom Jesus once referred to as Israel’s teacher–in the light of day–boldly helps take down Jesus’ body and prepare it for burial. John doesn’t come out and say that Nicodemus is a believer, but in light of his story over these three chapters, what do you think? From a doubter to Jesus’ servant in volatile times; God is in the business of life change! How has God changed your life?


You love me so much that You gave me a Savior and that You change my heart to make it more like Yours as I draw near to You. Oh what love!


Thank You for loving me and changing my doubting heart to a servant’s heart! I praise You for my new self in You! Help me show Your love to others and serve You.



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