Day 35 John 18:1-20


John 18-1-20


Verse 4 is what is sticking out to me in today’s reading.   He absolutely knew that his destiny was the cross.  This was not an unexpected surprise that caught Him off guard.  I am, once again, in awe how Jesus perfectly loved everyone—people he knew AHEAD of time would betray Him.  He loves us even when He knows we will disappoint Him, even when there have been times when we have denied Him.

Peter is so human, so like us,  isn’t he?  Here he is, being all brave and defending Jesus—yet a few hours later, he leaves the support of the disciples and decides to hang out with the household servants and guards of the high priest at the fire pit.  I think this gathering is not unlike places we occasionally congregate at—maybe a gossip group at work or your favorite local hangout?  Peter has been warned by Jesus that he will deny Him three times and he is adamant he won’t, yet what does he do?  How many times have we known about something and said we wouldn’t participate, (maybe gossip at work?) and then we go and do the very thing that shortly before that time we criticized others for?


For me, I know that certain activities and certain people have the potential to compromise my personal walk with the Lord, I need to make decisions BEFORE they come up to avoid sin. If I want to be successful and avoid sin, I need to be smart about it and avoid tempting situations.


Dear Lord, Thank you for loving us—all of us have disappointed you and let you down.  I have so many regrets over things I have said or situations I have responded poorly to.   I ask for forgiveness and Your Holy Spirit to help me walk in obedience, I really do want to love like You do. I also want to be more forgiving, especially to those who have hurt or betrayed me.  Help me forgive others like You forgive me.



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