Day 34 John 17:14-26

Jesus continues to pray in the garden.

Scripture: John 17:14-26


Read vs. 14-19. Jesus’ prayer continues for his closest friends, the apostles. Maybe I had too much caffeine today, but verse 17 jumps off the page and dances around in an ever-radiant light for me! “Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth.” What does sanctify mean? How is sanctification part of your walk? Jesus says one thing leads to sanctification. One thing, eh? Sound familiar? You’ve hit the jackpot! Here, spending time with God in His word, you are being sanctified.

Read vs. 20-26: Jesus is about to be arrested, put on trial, and killed for nothing more than showing love to others. Yet, he takes time to pray for the believers, and not just the believers then but also for future believers—for me. Jesus prays for us as Christians to have unity, in what? Let’s do a progress check. How are Christian religions worldwide doing with this unifying point? How about Christian religions and churches in your community? And how about you? Satan can use disunity to destroy, to make us lose focus on the Truth.


You want me to grow in my relationship with You to help me stay focused on You, and You spell out that growth needs to include reading Your Word in the Bible.


Thank You, God, for revealing the key to growth in my faith! Please help me to spend time with You each day reading Your Word and processing it with You in my journal. And please help me not to give in to distractions from my time with You.



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  1. Thanks for today’s SOAP entry, Becky. The process of being sanctified is to become more like Christ. We grow through studying the Bible, we abide (lean into, push closer) in Him, we develop the fruit of the Spirit–this means our lives have measurable activities and qualities that reflect our heart of loving Jesus.(joy, peace, patience, ooooh–self control)

    The goal of unity within the body of Christ has a long way to go, in my opinion. People say they want this, but, honestly, how often do you see people/leaders of other denominations churches working together? Saddly, not often. I would say there is more negativity and slander than there is edification of one another.


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