Day 33 John 17:1-13

In preparation for today’s reading in John, and/or in response, I suggest clicking on the link below and worshipping God with Matt Redman’s “Your Grace Finds Me”.

Scripture: John 17:1-13


Read vs. 1-5. This is an intimate prayer between a Father and His Son but meant for our ears to confirm the gospel message. Jesus’ walk on earth has not been easy, so many rejecting him and wanting to kill him, even one of his closest friends betraying him. He alludes to a time before the world began when he shared in God’s glory and prays for that again. Did you notice what he doesn’t pray about here? My prayer would have likely been much different, e.g., God I pray that it’s a quick death, please don’t let them hurt me too much, etc. Jesus knows that his eternal perspective here will get him through what happens in the next couple chapters. In assessing how you live, do you tend toward an eternal focus or a worldly focus?

Read vs. 6-13. Jesus is praying for his closest friends, the apostles. Vs. 13 says he is praying purposely so his apostles can hear him and be filled with joy knowing how much Jesus loves them. In these prayers, Jesus is repeating aloud that he and God are one in the same. How would things be different if the apostles didn’t understand this connection between God and Jesus?


God is eternal; He was and is and is to come. “There in the every day and the mundane. There in the sorrow and the dancing…There in the very breath we breathe—Your great grace.” A worldly focus will swallow me up in depression, but an eternal focus places me in the right position with the Creator of the Universe in control and not me. So, I choose: “Breathing in Your grace, and breathing out Your praise, breathing in Your grace, and breathing out Your praise forever!”


God, help my focus to stay firmly on You, in my every day Mom work, in physical pain, in emotional highs and lows. You give me each breath; may each of my breaths be in praise to You!


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  1. That was a great video, I’ve heard the song on the radio before but never really focused on the words. I love how videos pull us into worship. Very powerful!


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