Day 28 John 14:16-31

Jesus is comforting his best friends. Though he is about to leave the world, he is not going to leave them on their own in this world, nor are we alone.

Scripture: John 14:16-31


It’s the end of the Last Supper, and it’s like the week before final exams when the professor allows his students one last opportunity to ask questions before they’re on their own for the test. The apostles have been hanging on every word Jesus says, and Jesus knows they are but babies in their faith. For comfort and guidance when he is gone, he tells them that God will send them the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, the Spirit of Truth. Think back to your story of salvation. Did you experience a moment when you knew the Holy Spirit had been given to you? Please, be bold and share in the comments below! From your personal experience, how would you describe the Holy Spirit? I see the Holy Spirit at work in everything, but rarely do I express this to others because I think they’ll dismiss it as crazy talk. The world cannot accept the Holy Spirit because they can’t see it (vs. 17). Do you find it hard to share how the Holy Spirit works in your life, how about with non-Christians vs. Christians?


The Holy Spirit points me, leads me, directs my footsteps, and reminds me of You. I can confide in the Counselor and pour out my anxious thoughts, and He will make sense of my jumbled words to lay my requests before You.


Thank You, God, for the gift of the Holy Spirit who right now is mediating for me. Help me not to reject the Holy Spirit working in me and directing my steps. Help me to give control to You, to the Holy Spirit in me, and not to be ashamed to talk about how the Holy Spirit works in me.



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