Day 27 John 14:1-15

Reading this part of the gospel is like being a fly on the wall in this intimate gathering of Jesus’ closest friends. Through Jesus’ encounter here, the disciples are being equipped to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth!

Scripture: John 14:1-15


Read Verses 1-3. Sing with me! “Come and go with me, to my Father’s house. It’s a big big house with lots and lots of rooms…” I love that song! Why did Jesus choose this moment to give his disciples a glimpse of heaven? Have you ever thought about what the room being prepared for you looks like?

Read Verses 4-7. Jesus seems to be clarifying some stuff for us while he’s still here in the world. How do we get to heaven? Be really, really good? Say our prayers before bed? Go to church every Sunday? No, no, and no. There is ONE way, and that is Jesus!

Read Verses 8-15. After all that Jesus has done in his short time in the world, one of his closest friends demands just one more thing—show me God and I’ll believe. How do you think Jesus felt when Philip said this? But despite, Jesus uses this again as a moment to clarify a major sticking point to some—that Jesus is God. Jesus claims that we can do these amazing works too if we believe. If we ask for anything in the name of Jesus, God will do it. Do you lay your requests before God in the name of Jesus? In light of vs. 14, have you ever been disappointed when the outcome is not how you prayed?


Belief in Jesus the Son of God who died on the cross and rose from the dead is the only way I can get to heaven. After belief, God works through me to do His will, if my will chooses to follow.


Thank You, God, that I don’t have to earn heaven and thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son! Continue to transform me and strengthen my faith and my prayers in the center of Your will.



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  1. I love that song too!! We should post a you tube on it!! 🙂
    The answer to the your question about requests is sort of hard. I think sometimes my prayers are too insignificant. Sometimes, i think I am afraid that God will say no and I don’t want to be disappointed–so i don’t ask. As I’m learning and growing in my faith, I have began to pray much more for “little things” and also thanking and praising Him for “little things”. I’ve come a ways in that when my prayers don’t appear to be answered, I see that maybe He is up to something bigger and I try to trust Him that things will work out. …Just being real. 🙂


  2. Okay, I couldn’t resist. Here’s the Big House video. An extra treat!!!…drum roll, please…it’s entirely done with Legos. It will crack you up. I miss singing that song in Sunday School, …sigh.


  3. So awesome! Thank you, Joni!

    The question posed above on vs. 14 was brought up in my Moms Group a few weeks ago, so I appreciate any and all input that I can bring back to them.


  4. Becky, didn’t you really mean?—“Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you are a part of the team.?”


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