Day 16 John 8:31-59


Today’s reading is John 8:31-59


Read verses 31-38.  Jesus is stating that His true disciples remain faithful to his teaching. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  What is the truth He is talking about?

Jesus continues to teach about  who His true children are in Verses 39-47.  I confess I don’t understand exactly all of this scripture, would anyone like to share insight you may have on these verses?  This is what my commentary explained in my Bible:  Jesus was making a distinction between illegitimate children and true children– The Jews were descendants of Abraham but their actions show they lived under Satan’s guidance.  It then states that we are not necessarily a true child of God just because we have a church membership or family connections.  We will be identified by the one we imitate.

Verse 58 is an extremely important  verse.   Jesus states , “before Abraham was ever born, I AM.”  Would someone like explain what he meant in the “before Abraham”  and the “ I AM”  statement?

The chapter finishes up saying the Jewish leaders picked up stones to throw at him.   Jesus was declaring His Divinity by saying he existed before Abraham and calling himself God by saying  I AM—the Jewish leaders saw this as blasphemy and punishable by death.  The encounter comes to a quick ending in verse 59, “But Jesus was hidden from them and left the Temple. “   Do you think the Holy Spirit blinded their vision because Jesus still had work to do and this wasn’t his time?


I feel my personal freedom comes from knowing I am a forgiven person.  I mess up daily… I just do!  Still, because I know Jesus personally,  I know I am His Child.  It is the truth of His divinity and His death on the cross for my sins that sets me free.


Dear Jesus,  I believe you have adapted me as your own;  I am so grateful for this truth.  I believe in You!



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