Day 11 John 6:1-35


Today’s reading is John 6:1-35


Jesus has a large group of people following him around and are interested in his healing miracles.  Jesus already knows that he is going to perform a miracle, but he wants Philip to grow his faith as well and so he asks him where the nearest Walmart is so they can purchase food. (just kidding!…making sure everyone is awake !!) Anyways,  I find it interesting that Philip has had a front seat to all of Jesus’s miracles yet when he is presented with a “problem” (too many people and no food in sight) he tries to come up with a human response. (see verse 7)

Question:  Why do you think Jesus asked Philip about where they could purchase food?

Chapter 6 continues with the story of the young boy who shares 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish; of course Jesus uses this offering to feed 5,000 men, and the accompanying women and children.  I love verse 13.  There were leftovers.  Let that sink in.  Jesus met over 5,000 people’s needs that day, and still gave them more than they needed.  He provided an abundance for the people.  I think having leftover food in that day was a big deal,  a true blessing and an answered prayer for many people at the gathering.

Question:  I wonder how often Jesus is waiting to do a miracle in our lives and provide more than we even ask for,  and we don’t even give Him the chance?   We “fix it” by ourselves.   Does anybody want to share about a time when they received more than they asked for from God?

In verses 16-21, Jesus walks on water.  My Bible commentary says it was a 3 ½ mile walk.  WOW!!  Then He calms the storm.  Love this!!!  I still am confused that the disciples keep seeing Jesus perform miracles yet are shocked when He displays His Glory,  (just say’n :O )  Then again, it seems like lots of believers–and I include me in that group,  who often have a short memory about God providing for us. I think that is one of Satan’s tactics, to always try and plant doubt in our minds about the power  of God.

Today’s reading finishes up with Jesus teaching that He is the True Bread from Heaven.  “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. “ (v. 35) More on this passage tomorrow!

Application/prayer:  Dear Lord , you have often given me a front seat to your miracles—yet I’m so like the disciples, I somehow think you are confined to human limits.  Please open my eyes and grow my faith to believe anything is possible with You.  I am so thankful  for the contentment and peace I have from following You,  I am satisfied and know when I get “hungry”,  I need to get back into your Word.  Thank you for this  beautiful scripture of Your constant provision.


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  1. Question: Why do you think Jesus asked Philip about where they could purchase food?

    From my experience and observation, when we are faced with a situation or task that seems impossible our first reaction is the human emotion of disbelief/doubt that there is a reasonable answer or solution. I don’t think that it is a sin to have that thought come into our mind but the key is that we recognize it, take it to God in prayer, and then believe (have faith) that God already has a plan for the situation.

    Question: I wonder how often Jesus is waiting to do a miracle in our lives and provide more than we even ask for, and we don’t even give Him the chance? We “fix it” by ourselves. Does anybody want to share about a time when they received more than they asked for from God?

    8 years ago I left a position that I had held the previous 14 years and took a year “off” from the 8-5 workforce. It was a scary decision and we had no idea if we would be able to make it through the year financially. But it was a time when I needed to regroup, focus on my family and my relationship with the Lord. I believe that because I took that step of faith the Lord blessed our family. We made it through that year. It was a good year. We paid our bills and feed our kids and even took a vacation! God was faithful much more than we could have imagined!


  2. I love hearing about God’s faithfulness! Thank you for sharing, Amy!

    One of my family’s abundant blessings was while my hubby was in law school, and I was working full time to pay the bills. We expected to go into debt for law school, and then some unexpected legal expenses came up too, and then we were totally blessed to have my stepson start living with us (another abundant blessing and prayer answered). We often prayed over our finances during this season. Ladies, God’s response was an amazing miracle! Not just one check showing up unexpectedly in the mail. Nope, over and over and over, checks flying out of nowhere into our mailbox. My hubby and I joked during this time that the checks were signed by God, and they essentially were. In the end, we had no debt from law school.

    And this blessing keeps on giving. I shared this story about a year ago in our Bible study when a couple ladies were sharing financial concerns, and a week later, one of the ladies, laughing, showed us an unexpected check that showed up in her mail. I told these stories in my Moms Discover group a couple weeks ago, and guess what? Yep, the mom who was concerned about finances had an unexpected check in the mailbox within a week. Crazy! Nope, all God!

    Thank you God for blessing us abundantly!


  3. I certainly don’t want to give anyone the impression that God is an ATM, but we also had abundant financial blessings during a hardship. Almost 5 years ago, our teenage son’s drug use and drinking was out of control. We found a Christian treatment center over 600 miles away from home that specialized in teenage males with these types of problems. It was a 4 month program that was extremely expensive, (like over 40,000) Our insurance paid a little of it but the bulk was up to us. It just didn’t add up on paper but we managed to pay that bill in a little over a year. We had 3 loans out and we sold my husband’s truck to make the last paymenet. I believe that we were faithful with doing everything we could to help him and God was faithful with providing for our family. His story is still a work in progress 5 years later, but I really don’t ever want to put human limitations on God. He is all powerful and will work everything for the best. I think the hardest part is that often it is a very different time table than we like! Without a doubt, that dark season in our family was incredibly difficult, I was a mess and cried multiple times a day, i doubted God’s goodness, alot. I continued to believe and trust and always came back to God’s character and MY faith growth was what resulted in this storm.


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