Day 9 John 5:1-23


John 5: 1-23


Jesus sees a man lying near the pool of Bethesda.  He had been sick for 38 years.  Jesus asks him,   “Would you like to get well?”  The man responds that he can’t. Jesus then tells him to pick up his mat and walk.  Instantly, the man is healed!   I just can’t even imagine the thrill and the excitement for this healed man and for those who knew him.  Jesus touched his life and his future was forever changed.

Verse 10, just plain makes me mad!! The Jewish leaders objected to Jesus healing this man. Their reason?  Jesus violated the law by “working” on the Sabbath.  Seriously?  Come on, people.  The man had been lame for 38 years, this was a big deal. Jesus did a big miracle right before their eyes.  Oooohh, I would have loved to see the expression on that man’s face, I bet he danced and shouted and was crazy giddy.  :O

Question: Why do you think the Jewish leaders were so mad and made a big deal about a Sabbath healing?

I think it may have been pride.  They had never healed anyone in that way and they were jealous.  I think they were afraid that Jesus might influence other people to turn from them.  I think they enjoyed feeling righteous and calling out other people’s faults. (of course Jesus didn’t have any faults, he was sinless, He is God!)

We see Jesus giving us more insight to His divinity in verses 19-23 .

Question: What is an example of honoring Jesus and honoring the Father?


I want to find the balance of honoring Jesus by observing the Sabbath without becoming like the Jewish leaders.  (legalistic)  I believe God has given the Sabbath as a blessing, He loves me and knows I get exhausted by doing a bunch of stuff. When I spend time in His Word, I always become more refreshed and peaceful.


Dear Lord, I see and hear of so many people who make up rules for others to follow, to be “good”.  I pray they will see You and Your desire for a personal relationship in all that religion.  Please help me to serve You with joy and devotion.




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  1. My first thought about the man is how much faith it must have taken to believe that he could be healed. He had been sick for so long that he probably didn’t know or remember a life without the pain and suffering of his illness. So for him to immediately accept Jesus health is quite amazing to me.

    When I think about my circumstances and how I somehow find “comfort” in my hurts and pain it is almost embarrassing! Yes, of course I want things to be different but do I want to enough to let go of the perceived “control” I have of my emotions and life by hanging on to them? Am I willing to immediately accept the freedom I have in Christ when I give Him my problems?

    I am thankful to say that the Lord continues to work on the hidden places in my life where I am hanging on to things that should really be His to handle. But I’ve let go of some things kicking and screaming. That sounds so silly…. but true.


  2. Question: Why do you think the Jewish leaders were so mad and made a big deal about a Sabbath healing?
    I agree that it may have been pride that made the Jewish leaders initially get so mad. Pride and possible fear that the masses were going to revere someone more than themselves. I believe that as the Jewish religious leaders these men were held in the very highest of regard. So this Jesus coming onto the scene and doing miracles and preaching the love of God rather then just the need to following the Jewish religious laws had to be a radically upsetting situation to the leaders.


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