Day 8 John 4:27-54

We’re now 1 week into our 6 weeks in John. How’s it going? Are you finding a time each day to sit with God, read His Word, and let Him talk to you? How can we pray for you? As always, we welcome your thoughts, prayer requests, concerns, and input and would like to encourage you to interact with us and each other in the Comments section at the bottom of the online post. If you’re getting this post as an email, you’ll have to click on the Comments link in your email, and that will take you to the website where you can post a comment.

Scripture: John 4:27-54


Read Verses 27-30. After the woman at the well’s encounter with Jesus, she leaves her jug at the well. Her thirst has been quenched by Jesus; she doesn’t need that silly jug anymore! She’s on fire for Jesus and runs to tell her town about Him. She doesn’t let her old sinful self get in the way of pointing others to Jesus. Have you been on fire for Jesus before? What led to that and from that?

Read Verses 31-42. Have you ever worked so hard that you forgot to eat? Jesus tells his disciples that his hunger is satisfied in doing God’s work. Then he reveals a bit of God’s work to them, describing the people surrounding them wherever they go who are ready to believe; they just need to be told that Jesus, the Savior, is here. Looking around you, your circles—family, friends, co-workers—and then your community and the world, are they ripe for harvest? What is God calling you to do about it? What are you willing to do about it? The sinful outcast woman at the well was willing to tell her whole town about Jesus, and because of her testimony, many became believers.

Read Verses 43-54. A royal official has the next individual encounter with Jesus. He is pleading for his son’s life with Jesus, but what is not mentioned in the text is that this man must have placed faith in Jesus in order for him to be asking for a healing miracle. He knew Jesus had power, but he didn’t believe that Jesus is the Savior until he realized God’s timing in the healing of his son. The royal official was then on fire for Jesus too because it says his whole household became believers after that. What does it take for you to be on fire for Jesus enough to tell everyone you know or everyone who is near about God’s love for us? A miracle? A divine encounter? Maybe just looking back at your story and how God has worked?


God wants me to work for Him, to do His will in the Great Commission—Go and make disciples of all the nations—first in my home, then in my circles of influence, and then anywhere He sends me.


Work on my heart, God. Give me confidence and courage to do Your will, to point everyone to You, to share my testimony for Your glory, and take part in Your harvest of believers.



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