Day 7 John 4:1-26

Scripture: John 4:1-26


Today, the woman at the well encounters Jesus. Put yourself in her sandals as you read.

Read Verses 1-3. Those silly Pharisees; they still think this is a competition! But they’re probably thinking about Jesus quickly gaining all of these followers in a political way. They didn’t want to upset the stability in place with the Roman government, and anyone gaining followers was perceived as a threat. So Jesus leaves this region. John summarizes this time of Jesus gaining followers in a matter of three sentences. The other gospels take much more time describing the initial miracles and teaching that led to amassing followers and Jesus’ clan—the apostles. Why do you think John (or God writing through John) chooses to focus less on these areas?

Read Verses 4-15. First, Jews didn’t like Samaritans, and here’s a Jew, Jesus, traveling through Samaria, bound to meet a Samaritan. We don’t know her name, just the woman at the well, and the next to individually encounter Jesus. Why do you think John leaves out her name? She is coming to the well to get drinking water, so Jesus starts a simple conversation with her about water that turns into a beautiful Biblical truth about quenching her thirst eternally. Is it easy or hard for you to draw near to God like the woman at the well draws near to Jesus? Have you experienced God quenching your thirst? How?

Read Verses 16-26. This woman’s life is a mess. She’s not the type of person who’s accepted by others. But Jesus accepts her, talks with her despite her sin-filled life, and gives her some incredible nuggets of Truth. How important is acceptance to you? We are all sinners, just like the woman at the well, but God loves us and gives us grace—He accepts us. Do you let God be all you need? When we draw near to Him, He speaks Truths to us too, even today while you’re reading His Word.


I’m a mess, just like the woman at the well. And I seek the acceptance of others and place way too much importance in it. You accept me just the way I am, and You are all I need to quench my thirst!


God, thank You for leaving the woman at the well nameless, so all of the generations after her, including me, can easily put ourselves in her place and know that You accept me too and that no one else’s acceptance matters. I need that Truth resonating through my thoughts each day. Help me to seek You and only You to quench my thirst.



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  1. I think verse 28 is so inspiring. She left her jar and ran into town and told everyone that she had met the Messiah. She believed and instinctively knew to share this good news with others. I’m sure she didn’t understand all the doctrine behind Jesus’s deity, she just believed and trusted Him. I use the excuse that I don’t know enough about the Bible to effectively share with others. I just need to be faithful and share and trust God for the outcome.


  2. Becky, I love how you pointed out that Jesus loves each of us so much that we are all important to Him. That He extends His grace to every one of us because He loves us! He doesn’t love the sin but He understands that we are going to continue to struggle with that sin nature. This battle is a part of life for every person in the human race. So we are all going to be “messed up” in some areas (or maybe lots of areas) of our lives. Those messed up places are where Jesus can shine through us the most! When we give that area of our life to Him and allow Him to change us to reflect God’s character in that part of us – the genuine change in our attitude and the joy of freedom in Christ is so exciting to experience. 🙂


  3. I agree, Joni, we make evangelism out to be something so difficult; we even make a big difficult word to describe it. Example after example in John, people who encounter Jesus one time run around pointing everyone to Jesus. What if we all did that?

    Amy, thanks for taking that love and grace thought up a notch! Absolutely, we are works in progress. Jesus tells the woman at the well to leave her life of sin, but we don’t know if she does. Maybe that’s also on purpose, so we can better identify with her. It’s a daily, sometimes by the second, choice for us to leave our sin nature. But He can grow us through obedience.


  4. good point about the woman at the well. We don’t know how much she struggled with that sin after encountering Jesus, she had that sin nature in her for the rest of her life, (as do we all) so we shouldn’t never become prideful thinking we’ve got it all together.


  5. Joni ,
    I’m excited to have found this on line study (:

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  6. Welcome, we’re glad you are following this study. Thanks for your post. 🙂


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