Day 5 John 3:1-18


Today’s reading is John 3:1-18


Wow.  This is a mega packed reading!!  I need some help with getting all the observations for these verses as I am only going to pick a few.  Please, jump in and share your observations and application for today’s reading.

Verse 3.  Nicodemus is visiting Jesus. Jesus tells him, “unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God. “

Question: What did Jesus mean by this?

Verse 8.  Jesus is comparing the work of the Holy Spirit to the wind.

Question:  Can someone give us an example of how the Holy Spirit is like the wind?

Verse 14. Jesus is referencing when Moses  (see Numbers 21:8-9) lifted up the bronze snake on a pole.  The people who received snakebites were doomed to die.  The people could be healed instantly by looking to the elevated snake pole and believing they could be healed.   Similarly, our salvation happens instantly when we look to Jesus and believe He can save us.  We don’t earn it.  It isn’t a process, we look to Him and believe and He saves us. (I used my Bible reference for this as well as a previous message I heard about salvation.)

Question: Do you believe that salvation is given instantly, without doing church stuff (attendance, financial gifts,  volunteering, ect) to earn it?

Verse 16.  An awesome verse.

Question: What one word sticks out to you in this verse and why?

Verse 17.  Hallelujah!!!  Again, I’m gonna say, HALLELUJAH!!   If you don’t like this verse, my dear readers, you are in the wrong study,  just say’n!! J


I am eternally saved.  I am eternally grateful. I want to live that way.  I desire to share that with others.


Dear Lord, thank you for today and unpacking in detail this wonderful truth.  I’ve heard these verses many times, I saw them in a fresh, new way this morning.  I love that about your Word, we can continue to receive new truth each time with turn to it. It never get old, boring or predictable.





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  1. Jesus calls Nicodemus “Israel’s teacher” (v 10); he’s full of religious facts and likely legalistic himself. He comes to Jesus undercover, at night (v 2), to question him, probably worried about his reputation. And Jesus turns Nicodemus’ religious world upside-down. It’s not about facts and legalism; it’s spiritual, things we cannot see–the Holy Spirit who is boundless. It’s belief in Jesus, that the price has been paid for my sins, not condemnation for my sins. I know this is tomorrow’s reading, but I think it’s key to Nicodemus’ personal encounter with Jesus. Jesus talks about light, likely hitting Nicodemus the hardest since he came to Jesus hiding, in the dark. V 21: “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

    I have legalistic tendencies like Nicodemus, but God sets me straight when I draw near to Him. He speaks these truths to us through his Word, to set us right and send us out into the world. Thank You, God, for loving me so much that You sent Your Son to die for my sins, and for speaking truths to me through Your Word.


  2. Just letting you know I am reading this.


  3. Welcome Myrtle. I appreciate you taking time to post in our comment section. Feel free to jump and share at anytime in our study. I would love for this study to feel like a comfty chat around my kitchen table.


  4. Hi Joni,
    Amy Strong here. 🙂 I intended to start posting on Day 1 but you know, the normal excuse, life got in the way.
    I absolutely LOVE the book of John. About 8 years ago our church spent over a year studying this book going chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Therefore, I have many handwritten notes in the margins of my Bible. 🙂
    What did Jesus mean in verse 3? This is an easy answer and it can also be long and complicated. Simply stated, believing in Jesus, having faith that He is the risen Son of God is all that is required for each of us to be grafted into the eternal kingdom of God. When we believe we become “born again” – to me that means a renewing of our heart, soul, mind and the indwelling of the holy spirit in us. How wonderful that believing/faith is what is required of us! If it was works or perfection then we would all be found wanting, but all of us have the capacity to BELIEVE! If we are WILLING to believe then the Lord begins the transformation in us (sanctification process) than draws us closer to HIM and changes us from the inside out. It is a life long journey!
    I did have a side note handwritten in my Bible between verses 2 & 3 that reads, “the action starts with God”. I believe that to be truth. The Lord woos us to Him and continues to work in our lives as we take those steps of faith both big and small to live the life He has purposed for us. Thank you for your faithfulness my dear Daddy God!


  5. Hi Amy, I’m so glad you are following our first online study. Wow, you sound like you have lots of study material to contribute to our discussion. YEA!! If you have some particular chapters you especially like and would like to guest post a few days, send them to my email.
    I agree that God starts the process by pursuing us. I know for my own life, as I’ve said “yes” to new opportunities and challenges, He has so grown my faith. (like this study.) Thanks for sharing.


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