Day 4 John 2:13-25


Today’s reading is John 2:13-25.


Jesus has entered the temple and is angry!  His disciples are seeing Jesus be passionate for injustice and sin. He makes a  whip and chases the money changers out of the Temple.  He then confuses the Jewish leaders by stating the temple will be destroyed and in three days he would raise it up.

Question: Why is Jesus angry?

Question:  What was Jesus talking about in verse 19?



I love this scripture. This very clearly shows me that Jesus is passionate about the injustices of this world. He is showing me that sometimes, I should be angry and do something when there is obviously sin going on.  I should be motivated to do something to help.  I believe for me, I need to be courageous enough to speak truth to others but lavish them with love.  It’s about loving people,  but not necessarily their actions.


What injustices make you angry?  How do we respond in love?



Dear Jesus, please given me discernment to handle challenging situations with nonbelievers. I want them to feel Your acceptance and love and not push them away with a judgmental attitude. I do need to be firm in my doctrine and faith walk.  Please give me courage to represent You with integrity and love.




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