Day 3 John 2:1-12


today’s reading is John 2:1-12


Water into Wine

Jesus and his disciples attend a wedding in Cana.  His mother is concerned that the family has ran out of wine and comes to Jesus asking for help.  Jesus instructs the servants to bring 6 large jars and fill them with water.  The water is transformed into the highest quality wine.  This is the first recorded miracle that Jesus performed.  “and his disciples believed Him.”  (v. 11)


Mary, more than anyone at the wedding, probably understood who Jesus was—He was God.  She brought a need to him and allowed him to do what was right.  She trusted Him.  This is a great example to me, I need to bring my problems, my circumstances to Him and then trust that His ways are better than my ways.  He doesn’t need me to tell him how to best answer my prayers!  God is in control, not me!

Discussion Question:

Is anyone brave enough to share an area of their life that they are struggling to give up control in?  Does anyone, besides me, occasionally “tell God” how to answer their prayers?


Dear Lord, I want it to be natural for me to bring every earthly concern to You.  I tend to worry and then, after I’ve been upset for a while and exhausted myself, i think about bringing  my problems to You.  Please forgive me for the gazillion times I’ve tried to tell You the best way to answer my prayers.  It needs to be Your way.  I really desire to relinquish control and surrender to You.





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  1. My recent journaling has definitely been centered on an area of my life where I haven’t let His light shine. It’s at work. I work with several atheists and agnostics who worship science and man’s accomplishments and ignore any involvement of God in our world. Seems like that should be the perfect mission field, doesn’t it? Ha! Except that I’m scared that they will stop accepting me and my work if I let Him work through me there in a way that’s visible to them. In my last job, I read my Bible during my lunch, and my boss put me on probation for not socializing at lunch with my coworkers then forced me to read a book of her picking instead, just to keep my job. I left, but my fear is still there. I know He’s bigger, and He’s working on me in this area. I work from home now, but I know He’s preparing me to be back in the office some day and on fire for Him there just like I’m on fire for Him in my living room.

    Help me God to relinquish my job and co-workers to You and surrender my fear of not being accepted so that You may be glorified! You are a miracle worker; nothing is too small or big for You!

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