Day 2 John 1:26-51

Day 2–Welcome back!! Grab your Bibles, read the rest of John 1 and join our discussion.


today’s reading is John 1:26-51


John the Baptist

John the Baptist is baptizing people with water.  He did this to perform a symbolic act of repentance.  He demonstrates humility by stating that he isn’t even worthy to be a slave to Jesus.  John also realizes that Jesus is the Messiah, he understood that Jesus was God from the beginning of time.

Question: Why do you think John said he wasn’t even worth to be a slave to Jesus?

Jesus’s first disciples

Andrew, Simon Peter and Nathanael are chosen by Jesus.   When Jesus sees Nathanael, He says, “Now here is a genuine son of Israel –a man of compete integrity.”

Question: What does God see when he looks at you?

Question: Would anybody like to imagine what it must have been like to be Andrew, Peter and Nathanael and be chosen by Jesus? Do you think they knew he was the Son of God?


I want to be more like the disciples, and follow Him with abandon.  I also think that is neat that when Jesus saw Nathanael He knew he was a man of integrity.  I hope that when people meet me, they see integrity.


Dear Lord, I desire to have humility and integrity in all that I do.  I pray that these qualities become natural and others would be drawn to You through me.





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  1. Yes. Follow Jesus with abandon! John the Baptist announces Jesus as the Lamb of God, then two men follow Jesus, and they follow Him to the grave and beyond. These two men follow Jesus, spend the day with Him, and then tell their families that they have found the Messiah, and BAM! another apostle. It’s like the Good News telephone game, but with a good twist where they can’t get the message wrong! I don’t think they realized at this point that Jesus was the Son of God, because it seems like the rest of John’s gospel is trying to get this into our thick skulls. But they followed Him because He was the Lamb of God and the promised Messiah.

    For me, there was a long period of time between believing in Jesus and telling others about Him, but in this story, it’s a day or less. Like us, the apostles discovered that One Thing–spending time with Jesus–but they discovered it immediately upon belief, and the excitement carried over into telling everyone they knew and ran into that the Messiah, the Christ, our Savior, is finally here!

    My life would look a lot different if I did this too. I know we’re supposed to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20), but I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t except in safe crowds (like kids ministry and life group). God is growing me in this right now. Help me, God, to have the strength and courage and faith to scream and point and make a loud noise and show EVERYONE the Way to You! Everyone needs to know, and they need to know now. And as a believer, You expect this of me.


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